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    Enhancing Christian Education: Subjects Covered in Training Programs

    Content Competence Context Character
    History of VBS How to Tell Stories How to get Feedback The VBS Teacher
    Whats new in VBS? Communicating Concepts

    (For Teaching any Subject)
    Understanding Children
    How to take Devotions
    Benefits of VBS How Kids think & Learn
    (Developmental Psychology)
    Educational Systems behind
    Christian Education
    How to give testimonies
    Understanding VBS
    Conceptualizing &
    Implementing Lesson Plan
    Parenting Patterns and the
    Effect on Children
    Spiritual Warfare A Full Day
    Workshop on Prayer
    Discipline & Creativity
    (Making the most of VBS)
    Beyond the Past
    (Healing of Memories)
    Full day Workshop
    How to Conduct VBS
    How to create and Perform
    How to use PowerPoint
    Effectively as a Visual Medium
    How to Lead a Child to Faith

    Subjects marked in Maroon are essential subjects for VBS

    Subjects for enhancing the skills of Teachers in Schools(CBSE & ICSE):

    Covering Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & other subjects
    1. Educational Systems and Methodologies (1 Hr)
    2. Communicating Concepts Effectively (1 Hr)
    3. Proverbial Tips in Teaching (45 mins)

    Subjects on Parenting and the Home

    1. Parenting & Psychosocial Hazards to Children (3hrs)
    2. Healing of Memories
    3. Atmosphere of the Home