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    VBS sessions were interesting, very informative and it was presented in an excellent way. Overall the training program was a blessing to me and helped me reach unreached children.

    - Stella Rani Martin

    It was great getting to learn so many things on how to deal with children. I don't regret attending... I can say that I have also have learned more on how to read the Bible and, frankly saying, some of your stories brought me to tears.

    - Deshrudi Khemprai

    VBS has been a part of my life since childhood as a student of beginners class till today as a Sunday School Superintendent and VBS co-ordinator (nearly 35-40 years). VBS has helped me to grow spiritually and serve the Lord.

    Apart from bible stories VBS helps children to study the characters of Evangelist and Missionaries who have gone through persecution for spreading the word of God (Gospel) and how God uses his people for His Mighty Works. It helps children to be in Christian fellowship. It creates an environment where children spend maximum time in learning the scripture through songs, stories, theme, skits etc. It moulds the spiritual foundation of children which will help them to serve the Lord in future.

    Today my zeal to serve the Lord through children ministry is because of what I was taught in Sunday School and VBS.

    - Mrs. Nilima Ashish Gurnani
    Sunday School Superintendent
    Centenary Hindustani Church,
    Grant Road, Mumbai.

    To bear the title of a teacher is not for show. It is an amazing title which our dear Lord has chosen to give us. He has chosen us particularly to bring the little Souls closer to him without any barriers in their life. The VBS is conducted in our church during the last week of April to the first week of May. Children from different backgrounds join us in the 10-day program. From the day one the number of children keep increasing from 400 to 1,000 approximately.

    In 2016, the theme “Sing for Joy”, Encouraged the children to forget their sorrows and Praise God with joyful songs. It also taught us how to become like a child.

    I take this wonderful opportunity to thank my dear Lord for giving me this wonderful opportunity to do the Children's ministry and also I thank VBS ministries for encouraging me in my ministries.

    - Ms. Jeba Solomon